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Welcome to San Diego . Bookeeping . Accounting . Tax Planning Firm

Integrity. Accounting code of ethics.
By the time you get to your CPA, it's too late. Tax planning before the year ends. It is your legal right and obligation to pay the least amount in taxes.
Get it right the first time, because accounting mistakes are costly to fix, especially if the IRS found it. Bookkeepers are trained professionals at our firm.
Payroll in San Diego is complicated. We comply with all laws.
Human Resources in California is the strictest of all 50 states.
Financial Reporting and Financial Analysis, a product of bookkeeping and accounting, we can do it all, or a la carte.
QuickBooks Training, become empowered with knowledge at your fingertips. We know waiting on an answer from an accountant can slow down your decision making process. Learn to run financial reports, and learn how to read the financials.
San Diego Bookkeeping and Accounting offers bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting, financial analysis, payroll, human resources, and QuickBooks training.
We offer a free initial consultation for business owners. Call us at 760-704-9604 to discuss your specific needs.